⌨️Keyboard Love

Avinash Bangera
1 min readJul 30, 2022


Image created by DALL-E 2

Every letter you type,

It witnesses your every fight.

Sometimes these keystrokes

Are the pathways to both, dark and light.

Greetings and Resignation emails,

Love letters that you wrote to that sweetheart.

Every Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo,

Your keyboard remembers everything by heart.

The keys could be a flat on a laptop

Or clicky on a RGB Mechanical one.

Your fingers dance across this Semantic landscape,

Where have your thoughts ended and the keys begun?

Elvis said Home is where the heart is,

You’re never far away from the Home Key.

The ‘board is an extension of yourself,

A face for an interface between you and the reading world, don’t you see?

Like that friend’s house where you can Escape anytime,

It has given Control over your word.

Space where necessary and Backspace for the faux pas,

The organ colors and punctuates your smile and blood.

All your social moments or time spent working in solitude,

Good morning or an evil slur.

The Keyboard has been your constant companion,

You’ll realize it’s worth only when it doesn’t work.



Avinash Bangera

Product Manager by day; Gaming and Technology Enthusiast by night.