Crypto vs Fixed Deposits. Why not both?

Avinash Bangera
2 min readNov 28, 2021

People are more aware of Personal Financial Planning these days than ever before. Since April 2020, the Nifty 50 has given returns of almost 100%. There are tens of IPOs launching every month and people are so eager to participate that the IPOs are getting oversubscribed many times. What’s more strange is that people who are usually skeptical of equity markets and Mutual Funds are investing in Cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin has given a return of 300% from November 2020 to November 2021

The numbers are crazy if you compare Bitcoin prices from a few years ago. There are people who have made millions on Crypto. While I am no financial advisor and you should not be making investments based on someone’s suggestions, I would like to introduce you to Vauld. (if you haven’t heard about it already)

Get Interest Rates of up to 12% for keeping Crypto

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Today, the only way to make money off Crypto is to trade right? Wrong. You can buy the dip and sell it when the price shoots up. But during the time, you are waiting to time the market, Vauld allows you to create a Fixed Amount. The Interest is paid out every month, with an option to auto-renew both the principal and interest (Compounding at play). All this happens in a few clicks and under a minute. Moreover, there is no lock-in period, you can exit the Fixed Deposit any time with no penalty.

Do your own research before investing.

I use this medium to share what I have been learning. Hence, this should not be taken as financial advice.

If you are interested in checking out Vauld, check it out here!



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