Effortlessly Create Stunning AI-Generated Images in Minutes with Stable Diffusion and Chat GPT

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword for 2023. Over the past few months, as technology is improving with each iteration, AI-generated images are becoming more and more realistic. I have been experimenting with Stable Diffusion, a new technology that uses AI to generate images, and I wanted to see how good the results could be.

Avinash Bangera
3 min readMar 19


Chat GPT for Prompts

To get started, I used Chat GPT to create Text prompts for my AI-generated images. I modified the prompts slightly and ran them a couple of times to generate multiple images. The quality of the AI-generated images depends primarily on the text prompts used. Chat GPT is an excellent tool for generating these prompts because it can understand natural language and generate coherent and relevant Text.

Instant Text Prompts to play with!

Stable Diffusion for Image Generation

After generating the Text prompts, I used Stable Diffusion to render the images. Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI model that uses a diffusion-based process to create high-quality images. Using my RTX 3060Ti graphics card, I could run Stable Diffusion locally, which meant that I could generate as many pictures as I wanted quickly and easily.

The results were impressive. The AI-generated images looked incredibly realistic and had a level of detail that was difficult to achieve with traditional image-generation techniques. I was able to generate a variety of images and tweak them to appear visually attractive.

Here are some of the AI-generated images that I created using Chat GPT and Stable Diffusion:

A young woman in a vibrant, flowing dress standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset.
A man in a top hat and tails, sitting in a Victorian-era parlor with ornate wallpaper and furniture.
A teenage girl in a punk outfit standing in front of a graffiti-covered wall in an urban alley.
A middle-aged businessman in a sleek suit standing in front of a modern skyscraper.
A young boy in a wizard’s cloak standing in front of a medieval castle.
A teenage girl in a floral dress sitting in a sunlit garden surrounded by blooming flowers.
A middle-aged woman in a flowing skirt standing on a beach with a dramatic stormy sky in the background.
A young man in a leather jacket stands in front of a neon-lit city street at night. I added Indian to the prompt.
A young girl in a ballet tutu, standing on stage in a grand theater.
An elderly man in a traditional robe standing in front of a Japanese temple with cherry blossoms in bloom.

As you can see, the AI-generated images are incredibly detailed and realistic. Each image has its unique style and character, which is a testament to the power of AI.

Of course, the images are not without minor flaws. Spending more time improving the text prompt will result in more detailed photos. I spent only a few minutes on each image.


AI-generated images are becoming more and more impressive as AI technology continues to evolve. With tools like Chat GPT and Stable Diffusion, it is easier than ever to generate high-quality images indistinguishable from real photographs within minutes.

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