Here’s how you can make stunning AI generated Art for free

Avinash Bangera
3 min readSep 4, 2022


What’s AI-generated Art?

With advances in computing technology, artists discovered new tools to create Art. With recent advances in AI, text-to-image conversions are now possible. By entering just a text prompt, the underlying AI Algorithm can produce unique, never seen, beautiful images that could give human artists a run for their money. Digital Art was thus born, and in the last few years, Digital artists and digital Art has thrived.


DALL·E 2 uses a Deep Learning algorithm that can generate original, realistic images and Art from descriptions provided using natural language input text. Click here to join the waitlist to get access.

Here are some stunning images created by DALL·E 2

Is this real?


Founded by David Holz, Midjourney is one of my personal favorites. Midjourney’s AI bot, which works on Discord, creates stunning artwork based on an input text.

Midjourney is free to use for around 25 images. Once you have used your free quota, you must sign up for a monthly subscription if you wish to use it further. Here’s how you can use Midjourney to create images.

  1. Visit Midjourney’s official website and click on Join the Beta.

2. Sign in using your Discord Account. Click on any of the Newbies Rooms.

Midjourney Discord Server

3. Use the prompt /imagine and give a text prompt. The bot will produce four images based on the input text.

Here’s my prompt

4. You can select V1-V4 to generate more variations of the image if you want or click U1-U4 to generate an upscaled version.

I clicked on U1 for a higher resolution version of the first image.

5. Once Midjourney creates a high-resolution version of the image, you are free to right-click and download it.

Isn’t it mesmerizing?

You can create beautiful artwork without the limitations of the human brain. Here are a few images on the Community Feed of Midjourney

Isn’t this amazing?

People are already using AI-generated Art to make creative videos. Karen X. Cheng used DALLE 2 to make a fashion video. How cool is that?

Some people think AI-generated Art is not real Art. To them, I ask, what is Art?

In the future, digital creators will be using AI-generated Art like today’s digital tools. Your tools won’t be your limitation but your imagination.



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