How to Setup a MetaMask wallet in two minutes

Faster than making Instant Noodles

Avinash Bangera
Mar 24, 2022
  1. Go to and click on Install MetaMask for Chrome
This Works on mobile phones too.

2. Click Add to Chrome to install the MetaMask Chrome Extension

The MetaMask Intro video is fun

3. Click on the confirmation screens to complete the MetaMask Installation. Once it is installed, click Get Started.

Notice how the fox follows your mouse pointer :)

4. Click on Create a Wallet to set up a new Wallet. If you already have done this before, click on Import Wallet to log in.

web3 is all about wallets

5. Enter a password and hit Create.

6. Super Important! Save your secret recovery phrase somewhere safe.

My Recovery Phase is behind those pixels

7. And you have just created a MetaMask Wallet

Wasn’t it easy-peasy?
Avinash Bangera

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