Learn my Pomodoro Technique in 3 minutes

Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

Gamification — Get your dopamine fix while doing important work

An example of a result of the Pomodoro technique is this post that you are reading right now. I am using this technique to sit down and write, week after week. I have always wanted to write but I kept putting it off for tomorrow or next week or next month. With Pomodoro, I have been able to finish my task of writing weekly with ease. And over time, I have used this method to do many other tasks quite efficiently.

How to Gamify your work

The brain likes Dopamine, also known as the reward chemical. When you finish a task, the brain secrets Dopamine which gives you a sense of reward and motivation. This makes you feel good. The Pomodoro technique works on this work and reward cycle.



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Avinash Bangera

Avinash Bangera

Product Manager by day; Gaming and Technology Enthusiast by night.